What kind of CNC workshops join Shift network?

May 8, 2018
What capabilities do we expect to find at our partners?
Over 55 CNC machining providers from 13 European countries have enrolled to Shift network already. What kind of workshops are they? What capabilities do we expect to find at our partners?

Some of our partner workshops are universal, others are narrowly specialised on particular technology. Some of them are perfect for custom-made parts, while others are good for serial production. We have big workshops running dozens of different CNC machines and smaller companies operating couple of machines offering quick reaction and flexibility.
We love providing the fastest possible service to our customers, so we count on go-getting attitude of our manufacturing partners too.
We look for partners working with wide range of metal processing technologies:

  • Drilling, turning, milling, welding and sawing;
  • Surface processing - polishing, heat treating, nitriding etc;
  • Sheet metal works - bending, punching, water and laser cutting;
  • Working with all sorts of steel, cast iron, aluminium and other metals;
  • Able to handle different weights and sizes of parts

Of course, we expect our manufacturing partners to have good level of engineering competence - ability to interpret and handle all types of drawings and 3D models. When working in Europe, it is important for a provider to have technical English and German language proficiency.

Above all, we value reliability and transparency in our relationship - both with customers and providers.

If you feel you are the right partner for us, let's build the largest CNC network of Europe together!