Shift: introducing the live chat feature!

May 29, 2018
Shift introduced the live chat feature at our website
At Shift, customer service is our utmost priority. Traditional metalworks industry is rather a slow-moving business. And this is what we want to change with our digital tools and approach.

Nowadays many people got used to different types of messengers and prefer this instant communication tool to phone calls or time-consuming emailing process. We like this change too. So to offer a new level of communication convenience, Shift introduced the live chat feature to our website.

You are not sure how Shift network works? Ask your question in the chat window at our website and we make sure we explain the process in every detail.

Do you have a question about our CNC-machining capabilities? Or interested in spare CNC capacity at the moment? Live chat with us!
I find this live chat with you already sensational!
- Customer experiencing the live chat while placing an enquiry at Shift website
Our consultants are online most of the time, so asking a question you have is easier that you think.

Let's speed up the CNC-machining industry together! See that green window in the lower right corner of the screen? Try and see how it works!