Shift digital CNC machining network surpasses 100 members

July 30, 2018
100 CNC workshops from 14 European countries representing over 650 CNC machines
Goessnitz, July 30, 2018

Digital CNC machining network Shift has just crossed the milestone of 100 manufacturing partners across 14 European countries representing over 650 CNC machines.

Building up this machining capacity, we ensure satisfaction of growing demand from our customers all over EU.

In just 3 months we have doubled our partner network of European CNC machining workshops!
Our network of manufacturing partners fulfils orders placed through Shift website for CNC machining of different steel and aluminium grades, laser cutting, sheet metal and polymer processing.

Comprising of over 100 machining workshops, Shift network offers the widest array of manufacturing capabilities and attractive lead times. Our customers can always count on finding free CNC capacity within Shift network.

About Shift: Through its own IT solution, Shift connects customers who need CNC machined parts with the contract manufacturers who have spare CNC machining capacity. Having workshops all over Europe, Shift offers short lead times for turning, milling and drilling services for different types of materials - steels, aluminium, polymers and others.