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Where will my parts be manufactured?
We built and keep developing the network of CNC workshops in Europe, therefore all our providers are located in European Union.

Our ambition is bringing manufacturing orders back to Europe.
How does Shift achieve attractive prices for CNC machining?
Shift relies on CNC machining workshops all across the European Union with long tradition of contract manufacturing, highly educated workers and the most modern machines. Untapping this pool of CNC workshops enables us to secure lasting economical advantage to our customers.

Request your offer for CNC-machined parts here.
What are the benefits of joining Shift network for a CNC workshop?
Basically, Shift acts as an external sales team for our providers - we bring them CNC machining orders. For free. We do not bother our partners with multiple fruitless enquiries - workshops receive firm orders from us and have the choice whether to accept it or not.

Shift helps workshops to increase utilisation of their CNC machines by sending them orders from countries and customers they could not serve before.

You can enroll to Shift network of European CNC workshops here.

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